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Today we covered Regular Expressions in detail at the free JavaScript bootcamp.

Recording saved here
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Automation, programming, and development are arguably some of the hottest topics this year. The idea is that even if you don't want to learn how to build apps, you still need to learn how to write code for automation.

From a DevOps perspective, Go (golang) is definitely an extremely popular language. Think about it; Kubernetes, Docker, and Terraform? All written in Go!

If you want to learn more about it, take a look at my 5-star-rated book, Quality Code With Go
Taught Javascript
Received a lovely gift from a friend and student of the free JavaScript bootcamp!

We also discussed regular expressions and palindromes!

That's little cartoon me! Doing the pat pat! It's even got an outline for me to pat in the correct place! For context it's a thing we do after every exercise in the free JS bootcamp but omg I'm so thankful

Image alt: Me wearing a T-Shirt with a cartoon of myself with the code `pat.pat(back);` 
Updated a website
Video content on is now lazy-loaded using facades, rather than rending iFrames directly, on page load.

If you’re new to all this, facades are just a fancy name for a static image that looks similar to the actual embedded video. Video is expensive in terms of performance, so it makes far more sense to render a static image on page load, then swap out the image for the iFrame, when a visitor clicks the play button. A simple but effective way to improve speed and user experience.

If you use a lot of video on your websites, the performance gains from such a simple enhancement make it well worth looking into. For more on the various techniques I recommend checking out Lazy load third-party resources with facades from 
Dec 01, 2021
Created a product prototype
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Created a text transmitter prototype, with 2w rf on vhf frequency, bluetooth/usb and serial on rear pins/ethernet configuration, made exclusively for automation using rf for sending and receiving text, rear pins for digital input/output and analog input, ethernet to send received text on rf and input pin changes, receive server commands and updates, 5km communication distance, next task is to make a 45w of this transmitter to increase communication to +-40km.
Pcb and Software Designer, Tecnosul
Apr 09, 2021
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Ready-for-sale version of the 50 volt, 30 amp TD-30 solar controller, with over-current, over-voltage protection and bluetooth voltage configuration, version 2.1
Pcb and Software Designer, Tecnosul