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Have you been thinking about what you actually need to break into the DevOps/SRE space, but have no idea where to start?

It's actually pretty difficult to know exactly what's going to work because, at the end of the day, it's not an easy job/role...

In this blog post, I show you what you can do to get into the DevOps space and how you can succeed.
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Automation, programming, and development are arguably some of the hottest topics this year. The idea is that even if you don't want to learn how to build apps, you still need to learn how to write code for automation.

From a DevOps perspective, Go (golang) is definitely an extremely popular language. Think about it; Kubernetes, Docker, and Terraform? All written in Go!

If you want to learn more about it, take a look at my 5-star-rated book, Quality Code With Go
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Terraform is arguably one of the most popular tools/platforms in 2022. If you want to automate the way you think about systems and infrastructure, 9 times out of 10 folks are using Terraform.

Do you want to learn about it, but for free? Check out my YouTube playlist where we go over EVERYTHING you need to know to break into Terraform.

Link below
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If you want to break into the DevOps/SRE space but don't want to spend money on a course to teach you how, check out my free course on YouTube! It goes over:

- What you need to break into DevOps/SRE
- Containers (Docker)
- Orchestration (Kubernetes)
- Programming
- Cloud

and MUCH more!
Jun 21, 2017
Stevie - American Business Awards
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Helped Cisco win multiple Stevie - American Business Awards by contributing towards IT Operational Excellence and Innovation.

During this time, I took over the automation tasks and below were my accomplishments at work:
  • Evaluated ways to improve the productivity of DBAs during database maintenance and support operations and came up with ideas/opportunities to build self-heal tools with intelligent workflow engines.
  • Analysed low priority, frequent recurring cases in the IT infra layer and identified areas that can be automated with the business objective to enhance customer satisfaction and operational excellence.
  • Conceptualised and developed around 45 self-serve and self-heal tools (micro services) and consolidated them under one umbrella website, a one-stop-shop for anything related to database layer.
  • Collaborated with database architects and managers in planning the IT infrastructure automation roadmap.
  • Led a team of developers (12 front end developers and 3 backend developers). Responsibilities involve end to end product ownership, running daily scrum calls, resolving team conflicts, cross functional co-ordination and organising product demos to stakeholders.
  • Framed and documented the industry best practices and business specific guidelines to be followed by the development team and ensured they are being followed.
  • Evaluated new open source products, explored advancements/new features in software libraries and advocated the development team for its adoption.
  • Reduced the case age from 5.37 days to less than a day,0.62 and reduced the case count from 2023 at the start ofQ2FY15 to 997 by Q2FY16.
  • Designed and rolled out a mobile app for our clients to access the DBA services from anywhere, anytime.
  • Supported the DevOps environment by installing,maintaining and configuring the systems for developers to work seamlessly.
Senior Data Analyst, Cisco
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